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Founded 2023-01-16 in greattings to (mother)fucking Queen, Queer Sir Vojtěch - holder of Nobel Prize for peace AD1989, award was commemorated for this web ;o),
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I Have Millions of Millions
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Owner of domen: Somebodies & Unknown Soldier (Sir Vojtěch)


(original: Za počin ve světě lidském.)

Motto: Price of man life is one man life. (or women - stop wars)


Prize is $1,000,000.00!
HANGERS: (IF THEY WANT, OF COURSE) (2013-1-13 We may now! It was long! Thanks)
X Commentary of given prizes: Real Price concepts #X:
1st - Vodafone for great name (in czech: Waterfone) (2020-02-06) Safety stagnating global ecology.
2nd - Tesco CZ 24hours opened + on-line food (itesco) - [2015-4-3 20:03] was striked in time of corumted mafia ;o) not any more (2020-02-21) Trasformation local armies to borders-defence and its position give through NATO to NETERA.
3rd - MicroSoft for software products what functioned in great world society (2020-03-20) After crash of corporation, owner of a firm must to give a stocks to good workers and give some resposibility for the firm through it to them.
4th - Kingston for flashstick DataTraveler certificated for these MS Windows (2020-03-01) Stop building basics of mind on experiments but feelings.
5th - HP for TV advert with Martians, which saving their civilization and our rotary before our technological boom through copy-machine HP (2020-04-07) Democracy will be known like game of goods - not from judiscinariality (this word means judge from stage - I am allways saing to you deaply Atreide, Harkonen. Meanwhile 2 mil. sardacaurs, meanwhile berserks is in our planet now, have nice day, deaply!).
6th - COMODO for free internet security with firewall (for making that way PC WARANTy GUARANTIE trues) (2021-02-28) Famous abandon of prisons and brings the true of clepthomanie to churches of Kan-Li (in theese days knowns as mad-houses).
7th - *CENSORED* for cimena on the edge of Angel's city ;o)))))))))))))))))))))))))) (2020-10-26) Control "doctor's schisophreny" by formed rules and don't let them live without euthanasy. Please, please, please (please - joke for YOU)!
8th - EMGETON for EMGETON VISION 3i - DVB-T tuner, which solving 2 unit problem (set-top-box and old TV) by a desing and nice idea (for pirates ;o)) ((2021-03-15 Month income from your cheaf will be counting from state büro specialist table to defend our stagnating economy and status beleave. Kan-Li
9th - AB Team for BS Player FREE for playing what other players doesn't play (you make video in original and paid Womble DVD maker and after day I find that video is without music - bad to world of they, if I am legal user and in video isn't bad contents (love cannot be bad context) - I find out this feature when put sign BUISNESS IS BUISNESS, BUT GAME OF LIFE HURTS after advertisment to new clear bomb (I like atomic energy) and video is without sound in Windows Media Player - enjoin it in BS Player FREE - comliment to Robert Milles - most high on this page - be cool and nobody (meanwhile makers of wapons) can hurt you - how much are makers of wapon and how much are all people? Die for it peacefully, please, I going same way - Unknown Soldier) and with BS player everything is OK - you have it! thanks(meanwhile for my compliment to R. Milles) (note2012-12-30 In Windows 8 Media Player play it now! Great! Microsoft have a RP also) (note2014-10-4 In Windows 8 Media Player doesn't play it now! Great! Microsoft have a RP also) {note2018-9-19 TV & Films in Windows 10 play it with sound. Great!} (2020-02-06) Psychiatrical safety & free art.
10th - Christian Ghisler for great work above ftp (Qq;o0 for you Mr. Ghisler )( 10th RP was striked for a while) (webmaster of this web is slowly dick --"But I am thinking") (2021-04-01) To let gover a kapital - not a man who gover to kapital! (IT MEANS THAT WHO TAKE MONEY MUST TO GIVE SOMETHING! (it is Lasy Day or kapitalism? ;o) ))
11th - COMODO (2012-11-23) for setting in C. Internet Security Pro 2012 -- Block all unknown request of installed aplications - Welcome in COMODO Revolution (2020-11-01) Freedom should to be founded on things like: When is pandemia here, no facecloth is wearing. - Just for freedom in our minds. {More is not more in every cases!}
12th - ZAK TV (2012-12-9) for TV block "how will be the bio recomendation" on the street and that way making wather better for living - more rain please, and not lots of - thank you Mr. Great Mashine of Hydrometerology ;o)
(2020-02-06) Stop of flying by air-planes (and others;o)) and national optimalization of personal carry thru stopping of global warming. {Trains and ships are our friends!}
13th PHILIPS (2012-12-20) for first for exact design of PC monitor - Philips Brilliance Moda. And that has VGA and HDMI connector only (in times on darkness ;o)). (sended 2014-6-5) (2020-03-14) For safety crashes of banks. State must bring responsibility for created bank accounts by politic Must May. When poeple must and state may - for a accuabylity of Status Quo. {Attention: Count of money is lower and lower - it's economic law.}
14th DIETORELLE (2013-2-7) for Frutti di bosco for use beeswax like a fillet. Note: Overdose of theese kandys leads to laxative effects. (2020-03-22) All galleries and pubs will be in owning of fashizaitonation nomenclature. And keys will be on nearest büro.
15th KIK textil - discount (2013-2-10) for super things and textil. Note: Overdose of theese kandys leads to laxative effects. (2020-10-26) Abandon of abortuses through Poland law-model.
16th LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH (2014-1-15) for their aloe vera tooth gel exists. (2014-10-3 RP for LR was striked for a while) (AD2015-5-20 ... and LR aloe vera tooth gel is without fluor) {Let it be, let it be, let it beeeeee ;o) } (2020-10-24) After sequent speach will be prisons retired by status Quo to nutrient experiments and project Project.
17th (2014-3-7) for selling of perls Accu-Slim - not for weight lose only. (2020-02-06) Mill out every asphalt from outside thru stopping of global warming.
18th TradeNet (2014-3-26) for their laundry ball exists. (Fish said NO) (2020-03-14) Wish of J. R. Tolkien & Cobras: Abandon of water barrages for trasportation of water information.
... and wish to world: (2014-10-19) equability in judicature ;o) ... ("Fluet is weapon," said Czech Police.)...
19th PMDP corp. Pilsen (2015-4-7) for tolerance on the ride with INNUNAN ;o) (city vehicles) (2020-03-01) Every hospitalization in mad-house must be paing from onderer of intervention. In every cases. Hospitals are paying from commons only at all.
20th TESCO CZ (2015-4-8) for self-service cash desks (for steelling fight with communism) (2020-02-06) (Film therapy in P2P communication in DVB-T2 protocol) for someTESLAtimes.
at last 21st TIW corp. in memoriam (2015-4-9) for annexxing of Prague in fear of darkness (2020-02-06) Global stopping of every signal through stopping of global warming (AD2077). Communication will be through optic ISDN data-lines.
at laster 22nd czech BIS (2019-01-07) For stop of talking in pubs from past, and this way stop of space stoping like a halucination. (2020-02-21) Forget word "nacism". - It is nationalism at all.
at lastest 23rd 8heads production (2019-04-06) For poetic cut in film 8 Heads Of A Madness about strange europian madness. Real Price and prize Czech Lion for the best czech film of year 2017, you fucking;o) czech film academy! Do you need second glasses? (2020-04-06) No prizes and sport in future, please, please (please - joke for Garbage ;o) ).
24th AGROFERT Corp. (2019-11-16) For cart-barrier in times in which nobody knows where democracy is. (2019-12-19) For stop of dismeshing of our lives and better living - what about abandon of the parlament & president systema and gover through !safety! internet by all people & (volting) King. (People are lasy and 50% voltes of electoral college will be commend to paid deputies of conservative (or liberal;o)) faction.) {Chápu se spíše jako feudál, ale jak píši na svých jiných stránkách komunistický muž udělal mnoho věcí na straně dobra. Tak, chci připomenout nesmrtelnou větu jednouho ze svěřenců praporu PTP ČSLA: „Omyl, příteli, já jsem feudál, buržoazie je naším společným nepřítelem.‟ Parlament je v dnešní době nutno chápat jako barikádu buržoazie před lidmi, protože v budoucnosti, kde jsem byl, má majitel právo na úctu, což dnes ani onen malý majitel nemá kvůlivá větším buržoustům. Nečekám žádnou revoluci, věštím jen pád na burze a následnou krizi řešenou bržděnou ekonomikou za monoho let. Máme další film: Ostře sledované vlaky, kde na konci říká jistý Nemec o Češích:„Češi, jsou smějící se svině.‟ Pokud tuto větu aplikujeme na problém vlády světa: nandali jste to nám, feudálům, nandáte to jistě jednou i buržoazii - za to ručí psychiatrie. /... a všichni: Až jednou budem dál, až jednou uvidím (je) stát!/}
25th Oppo Corp. (2020-03-24) For śecret Wide Pocket System. [2020-03-28 was canceled for a while for unknown reason.] {2020-05-17 11:42 China is PIG! pig's angel.} [2021-1-20 sWPS (in mobiles, computers and TVs) is metering of a static energy of a body or ambient or scene around - !don't change it for WPS in your WiFi router! - joke for anarchies ;o)] (2020-03-24) Founding of U.S. with mutual budget. It's better that wall. ;o) {[2021-09-20] I think that biggest problem of U.S.A. is the A. ... and Europa can say that USA has an advantage, becouse it will be many states in U.S., which will be talk in English. It is by the way...}
26th Microsoft Corp. (2020-04-01) For "nice" movement with photos of artist in programm Music Groove, that way I can judge out a photography from photograph to detective. (2020-04-01) Never ever let to photograph [in] non-policeman [thing].
27th Chain of markets Lidl (2021-01-10) For good vegetarian spread foods is solding to normal east people. (For t(T)hey defence.) (2021-01-10) Everybody - we are for something - not for meat. Isn't it! (Hunter, hunter, hunter - what's about new Manter! ;o) )
28th Prague President Chamber (CZ) (2021-03-03) For sacrificing of GruppenFürer HitlerJugent KinderKomando Martin Kreag and theese way create great dada anthology Autobus do vleku (CZ) (read it, pls, it's all about a sacrificing at all, not about a fashism) in czech life. Thankx a lot, you great ;o)to global sacrificing. {[2021-09-10 9:45] Jak jsem věřil v Boha toho, v malýho Hitlera toho, byl to jenom českej fejk, byl to jenom bílej bejk! ;o)} (2021-03-03) Freedom for Germany (if they want, ofcourse ;o) ). Really, lets to see to.
29th Pentagon (2021-04-14) For creating biological wapon (create only!) SARS Covid-19 and help to regulate number of people on the world. (2021-04-14) Nobody exept Kan-Li will hanging a shooting wapon (... put your papers on head and shoot... ;o) ).
30th Czech half-soldier's secret service STB (2021-08-19) For most funny end of a case all over the world. {Original: ... ovládli svět na chvíli - kdy všude tančily víly. ;o) } (2021-08-19) Abandon of world snitching of a secrets & diplomacy!
31st FAVs (Fakulty of Aplian Scienties) (2021-08-26) For renesance university education in this poor world of worker (we know it, Jail Univ.) (on both sides of w.) (in 1st semester we have a lessons from right, phylosophy, ekonomy and mathematic). It is not on the way, isn't it, that do theese days it was by another way. ;o) (2021-08-26) With or like imathriculation (end of studies) will be given a verge with silver bowl to university student to control a sociaty. Thank you for understanding, you worker!
32nd My little me! (2021-09-14) For web and professorates named Gravitation of Worm Hole, Psychiatric Instincts in the Head of Depression and Project Anthropoid. Explanation of this professorates is that we are alone in universe! Take a nice time with it, CETI! ;o) (meanwhile hide - try them find on the internet (I mean CETI ;o) )) (2021-09-14) Stop trajekting things and people to the free space. It will be forbidden! Thanx for understanding!
33rd Distibution CinemArt (2021-09-14) For film Theory of Tiger (origin. Teorie Tygra) what is a film about how to metaphorically shut up feminist cow with her own breifs! Really! ;o) (2021-09-14) Stop goverring of this world by feminist cows and start to real fuck (like a fight! - real emancipation!)!
34th (Everybody in "Electro House" said YEAH!) (2021-09-16) For investments to big site masters for the electro net. This site masters can switch off & on your lights and other electric equipment (exept battery from GhostPower ;o) ). (2021-09-16) Stop every electroshocks through this site masters and one woman to one site master like a guard agains ES. It's better to be controled in then slaved to. ;o) (How psychiatrists was finding a grow-shops! ;oQ )
35th Torrent seeder's organisation AT.SOS
feat. Handle Hoch, The-or or 1stONprossesor!!!!
(2021-09-18) For their hack waiting for you, Torrent Seeders, on the internet "between". It's enough to be "ON" and to go to avi-legal.ORG and taint your computer with our STEALTH-IP- virus on. For clearency of my rass: ;o) When you are "OFF" and you have BullGuard, BitDefender or Panda {[2021-09-29 22:00] or eSeT} {[2023-06-29 14:23] now is BullGuard fully integrated to MS Windows (till 10)} - we can check if you have a torrent seed on your computer or mobile phone secretly or not (picture on last 4th refer hides itself if yes)! !Paid award! (2021-09-18) Real concept to AT.SOS: Lets to live Home Set-Ups with Android (without virus Google) without firewall and this way said "yes" to torrent seeding and downloading (P2P communication). Our secret will be in hands of G.A.I.S. (Good Authomatic Inside Solver) and our children.
Adv: For their Underground-country waiting for you, everybody, on the internet. It's enough to be "ON" and take this: Morcheeba. !Paid concept!
36th Terezia Company Ltd. (2021-09-18) For their Cannabis & White Willow with CBD exists. (Note of Sir: In Czech Republic we have Pirate Party in goverment now! [2023-01-23]) (2021-09-18) For stop to degenerate in process: To start adding cane sugar with CBD to "sweet things" (CBD (THC in it) has halucinating effect by eat in fet only). It is a way to get words: Take grugs easy - don't drink so much (just through puking ;o) )!!!!
It's better to be controled in then slaved to. ;o)
37th SAND STUDIO (2021-09-20) For their AirDroid, which is showing what is normal in Personal Schisofreny. Secret of this application is in both sides of aplication of clients for mobile and for PC. It is idea of old Nokia Suite, what maens that you can write SMS on PC or orgenasite notifications from mobile when is PC witched ON. {[2021-09-25] OpenC, what means Open Control, was started! Have nice day, Mr. Proffesor - what is you?, we are G.A.I.S.!} (2021-09-20) Create a NORMA, what will be above Constitution! {[2021-09-23] Text to text, words to words, God to God - you devils - fuck you Yours Schisofreny}
38th BOIRON (2021-09-25) For their Sédatif PC, which is showing to psychiatrists that exists pills agains voices only (homeopatic). Rally cure of local madness! (2021-09-25) Create a NORMA of homeopathy, what will be above a doctor's norma (quite eventualy conroled by a Vatican)!
39th RealME Chongging Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd. (2021-09-27) For their Relme UI - hack above Google system in mobile phones, which is hack above Android system. [2023-03-26 RealME buy a Google trough fulmination from public hazard for showen holes in systematic fault system by $1.00] [2023-12-08 12:00 GMT+0 or 11:00 GMT+1 ;o) Now RealME has a particular influece above this World through owning of Google (what is normal ;o) )... It's something rotting, in our danishship, isn't it?!] In this day Google is undead - hanging it, baby, and be cool with COOL. (Jakeš (our communist ex-leader) knows something about it - he is COOL in a fance!) (2021-09-27) Fuck off to Google (our communist leader) in all times - be Android on a computer, set-up of house, tablet and that's all folks (it was be and it will be - just continuity!).
40th Department of Physical Traing and Sport (West Bohemia University) (2021-11-15) For brings Tai-chi to the studies. (2021-11-15) In Basic-shool will be lessons of self-defence only accordings nation needs only (voices are saying to me what are you thinking about)! - Not of grand-circles on a trapeze! (Point of 6th class of self-defence is that defend myself is less diffucult than atack to somebody! ;o) )
41st Music & Famous name Lamb (2023-01-09) For Answer with big A to question: Why, hell, are you asking what was be before of ever?! (2023-01-09) Civilization is taking rensponsibility for their degeneration through cane sugar and study of reincarnation at basic school.
42nd Acronis International GmbH (2023-01-11) For their Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office - new style of defence your computer with MS Windows. [2023-09-11 underground video advertisment for ACRONIS.] (2023-01-11) Cancel using IP adress and firewall like a personal thing and start to using VPNt (tunels) for every internet connections (not internet Cabel TV only, what today is using).
43rd secret Czech OUT (2023-01-14) For their compensation of Rachel Valas from the substitution of Field Technics (TV & mobiles) and by this way save a World. (2023-01-14) Create a NORMA above Unions (best workers will has per one stocking) what will be declarate normal live at work and save a World.
44th secret to today label Agressive Theraphy (2023-01-15) For their quite impotent agility in fight with musicians who are stupidly stoping and copying this label by their own way. Commentary from label: We may produced CDs freely from today what ever! Mainly of our production is WAVs maked
on ATARI 800XE in special mode. Now is modern tracker to make from *.IT quality master and CD from it. Everything this was tabu through wish of musicians. Meanwhile don't we want to make money only, so seek for "DJ Otherside" and "backewerect".
(2023-01-15) "Stop the music and go home, I repeat, stop the music and go home!" is on start of one Daft Punk's song. And sometimes after can we repeating... (but it's secret) ;o)
Fine Indian Food
(2023-01-19) For their brave delivery and universaly useless of their food what can be changed. ;o)
!Paid award by GANDALF!
(2023-01-19) To found Leaders' Gays of Delivery (LGD) - who will be taking care above tips & other TIPs & other Tips.
///Delivery Hero!///
!Paid concept by GANDALF!
46th Advertiment Company Young GALLERY Božkov part (2023-01-22) For their non-convecial acess to post-komunist problems. (2023-01-22) To be better in graphical work. - To doesn't smell a meat from graphics. ;o)
47th Shenzhen Fenda Technology Co., Ltd. (2023-01-22) For their quality cheap reproductors F&D, which offers resistance of hit by power and has so call NewSound, which is offering resistance of dog's speach. (2023-01-22) To be better in mashine self-defence in idea of offer resistace of burgeoists' hits by power or hands.
48th Drug'sSTORE in future (2023-01-23) For their wead(CBD: HHC<40% THC<1%) as legal SMARTdrug. Attention: This wead is not dedicated for smoking. (Note of Sir: In Czech Republic we have Pirate Party in goverment now!)
When I must to create it like a Sir by police saw, my dog Zora re-ordered it like professional programer to the police-man. So SMARTdrugs started to live in life in live. ;o) True is with U.S. - false is with the computer! (lawer) ;o)
(2023-01-23) To stop abuse the plants of gods and start to using SMARTdrugs cca five years at young age evrybody to stop otherside-schisofreny inside of U.S.
49th New D (2023-01-23) For new thinning of cocain based on way of SMARTdrugs. It has four degrees: 1. Velvet for Europa, 2. black for Asia, 3. purple of Afrika and 4. gray or silver for America.
Not paid award - Jehova deal: $100 on $100. (Jesus Christ, give it to me!) ;oB
(2023-01-23) Selling of SMARTdrugs will be in Drug'sSTOREs with little sitting with proposal of TARGAflorio with cane sugar to dring. It's better to accept live with Same(Coffee, Bonn, Germany, Europa - Paid adv: 1 free coffee per czech man (or woman in better)) cane sugar! ;o)
50th Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc. (2023-01-27) For new acess to battery manegment - mainly the "soft" swicht in outage. Side effect of this "soft" swicht is that equipment is saving you before non-fired-out fire in your building. (2023-01-27) In every building in U.S. must to be battery managment with Cyber Power(R) patent connected. Thak you Mr. fireman that you are trying...! ;o)
51st Central Theraphy mad-house Dobřany (Goodcity) (2023-03-17) For evacuation from psychiatrist's houses in area mad-house Dobřany and for a little peace in mind in mads' troubles... (2023-03-17) That real HHC will be legal in this temporary age of New Law (not Christ's time) like a SmartDrug.
52nd Theatre of Jára da Cimmerman (2023-07-29) For non-exist example of Czech Intelectual who knows everything like a alegoristic connect to Czech "modern" history figure - Czech astral king, who fall to time to Munich 1938 and become a Hitler and lost Sudetten Land for Czech Republic. We are with YOU, East!!! (2023-07-29) Record don't be scripping in the future, where it will. ;o)
53rd Czech chanell TV Barandov (2023-08-09) For really view to reality & for present of Mjr. Zeman, like a realy cure from communism past. (2023-08-09) True love! & higher computer computing will be processed on basics of Bitcoin. Thanks(x) for understanding... ;o)

It's pitty that paid concept. &
54th Asia mafia (2023-08-22) For keeping World in real reality, more through grug dependences, here in U.S. - in pink dakrness! (2023-08-22) Taking care about U.S., thanx Asia. ;o)
55th MICKEYsoftware (2023-09-04) For act logo of U.S. in HIS life live and givin it alive!!!! (

Gray LOGO.
To U.S. through MICKEYsoftware (2023-09-04) Taking care about hole World, thanx... ;o)
56th MicroSoft Corp. (2023-09-11) For integrated of BullGuard's Plus to MS Windows 11 and theese way make really best Windows for ever time! (2023-09-11) Clear way of doctors through !same! times and Kan-Li. ;o)
57th XBOX Game Studios & MOON Studios both (2023-10-04) For computer game Ori (Atari) And The Will Of The Wisps or Atari's first and last battle. It is anthropological view to Original Sin and defend of fantasy between TV creatures!!! (2023-10-04) Taking care about things of AnthropoXX and live in inner peace.
... and 58th author of 5G protocol & SW CZ IČO: 87069873 (2023-11-20) For highest price from fight with HUMAN - he goes above deth - our berserk programmer ;o). For acquissition of our own of this planet Earth was be given to him position Miiti in our Imperial hiearchy & mission "be an AnthropoXX, but this way..."
SHEID YOU, Kan-Li!!!!
(2023-11-20) Taking care about motherfucking Kan-Li and be good AnthropoXX technic...
SHEID YOU, Kan-Li!!!!
Real world is "loading"... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Real world is "loading"...

In the day 2015-3-23 was given prize to all presidents in leadership of Major Zeman: Krakonosh's Jaybird of a Year AD2015.
RESULT: This was given for capability of once: snitching! What we can do with drunken sailor? Thanks for understanding.
In the day 2015-3-23 was given prize to channel ČT24 in honor of catastrophe: Pilot in Ground of Year AD2015.
RESULT: This was given for capability of once: trying to gover! Is it rotting, our Dannishship!? Thanks for understanding.
In the day 2019-02-04 was given prize to all kings in leadership of Norway king: Shit on head.
1 RESULT: This was given for capability of once: shitting to u.s. Thanks for understanding.
In the day 2021-09-27 was given prize to all Googles(locals) in leadership of Google Corp.: Year hack.
RESULT: This was given for capability of once: hacking of u.s.(Android system). Thanks for understanding.
In the day 2021-09-27 was given prize to all internet word seekers (try description of domen from büro) in leadership of AltaVista: Toilet papper.
RESULT: This was given for capability of once: finding everythig and nothing. Thanks for understanding.
In the day 2023-10-29 was given prize to all defenders anains Mekka attack from Afganistan to China by 100 millions of FightingDUCKS(tm)(c)'23 MIXmedia (soon in your cinema): Diligens of Mr.Gates
RESULT: This was given for capability of once: that you are not good. You have Funs in U.S. ;oB Thanks for understanding.

... not enough? Try "dangerous" card fight game4upper...

NEVER EVER FEVER!!!!! ever,ever

... and one from Magic Urquell (in original CZ):
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p(r)odej (si) zas ty Krásy!

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